Crawl Space Restoration Company in San Jose

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Finding The Right Company To Handle Your Crawl Space Restoration

The crawl space is the area below most homes where there is access to the plumbing and foundation and is most of the time dark and a small tight place to maneuver in. The crawl space inside homes and businesses is a place that many forget to provide any sort of routine maintenance or cleaning to.

Average crawl space problems include rodent and pest infestations, mold or mildew growth and flooding and all can cause major health hazards to anyone inside your home as well as damage in infrastructure.

If you have not attended to your crawl space with in the last year then make sure you call San Jose Restorations to help with your crawl space restoration and maintenance.
Provided Crawl Space Services & Restorations

crawl space with asbestos

Moisture Removal – Having moisture inside your crawl space will damage your home or office structurally from the ground up. We use professional equipment to remove moisture from your crawl space to prevent damage to you property.

Mold & Mildew Removal – Having mold or mildew present inside your crawl space is hazardous to your health. We are happy to check your crawl space and test for specific types of harmful mildews and molds and will professionally remove it without contaminating any other areas.

Rodent & Pest Removal – Many rodents and pests like to live beneath structures that are dark and warm like crawl spaces and can provide a great deal of trouble and damage. We can remove rodents, pests, odors and debris inside your crawl space and properly dispose. San Jose Restorations will also locate the pest access point to close off for future pest prevention.

Odor Removal – If you are experiencing an odd, musty or pungent odor coming from your crawl space we advise that you have a professional restoration company check out your crawl space. We will locate your odor source and remove it safely from your property.

Humidification Control – Having excess humidity inside your crawl space can cause large problems including mold and mildew growth. Our advance dehumidifiers will quickly and effectively remove humidity from your crawl space. We also advise if installing permanent ventilation fans to help with controlling the humidity inside your crawl space.

Flood Water Removal – If your area has experienced a natural disaster including hurricanes and storms then we recommend to inspect your crawl space for flooding and standing water. Water inside your crawl space can cause structural damage as well as promote mold and mildew growth.

Dirt Removal – Crawl spaces that have been neglected for many years build up debris and dirt matter over time and can be a problem if needed repair to any plumbing or systems located there. We are happy to go down into your crawl space and remove your dirt and debris and properly dispose it for you.

If you are suspecting that you may have a problem with your crawl space and may need crawl space restoration or would like to schedule routine maintenance then make sure you call San Jose Restorations today.

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