Mold Removal And Restoration In San Jose, California

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Mold can quickly spread and infest any home or business in less than 72 hours and produce many problems and potential health hazard. Most mold is a result of being introduced to a water leak from a roof or plumbing line and with its presence can produce many allergens and irritants.

San Jose Restorations and Mold Removal have the training, professional equipment and experience to completely remove mold safely and properly. Mildewed Walls


Why You Should Call San Jose Restorations For Your Mold Removal

24 Hour Service – San Jose Restoration is available 24 hours a day for your mold removal expertise. No matter what the time of day we are here to help with your mold situation.

Trained Specialists – Our highly trained technicians have lots of experience in mold removal and restoration and will get your job done right the first time.

Professional Service – We make sure to follow all mold removal guidelines and procedures to ensure complete restoration.

Advanced Techniques – San Jose Restoration and Mold Removal uses advanced equipment to find the water source causing the mold growth and will isolate the entire area to prevent additional growth.

If you have spotted mold growth at your home or business then make sure you call San Jose Restorations and Mold Removal to quickly stop mold growth.

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