Safety Tips

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How to safely deal with your water and fire restoration issues in San Jose, CA

When you find hundreds of gallons of water filling your laundry room it’s easy to panic but the best idea is to stay calm and follow the safety tips we’ve put together below…

It’s a good idea to shut off the source of the water and/or turn off the electrical breakers. You may want to contact your power or water company to make this happen. Remember, avoid walking or touching the water.

It’s a good idea to remove some of the standing water as much as possible. A commercial grade mop or a sump pump from your local hardwood store is a great way to absorb large amounts of water fairly quickly.

Whenever you have an emergency be sure to keep track of all the payments made on repairs via receipts. This will be helpful when dealing with the insurance policy that covers water damage.

Finally be sure to take a look at the affected items and make an inventory of all your personal belongings. You can take all your valuables with you in the event the damage forces you to leave your home or office for an extended period of time.

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