Sewage Removal Service In San Jose, California

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A sewage spill or septic tank overflow inside your home can be a difficult and extremely costly situation to handle properly. To avoid potential health hazards and ground contamination a professional sewage removal and water restoration company should be called immediately after sewage spillage or leakage.

The San Jose Restorations company  knows how to remove toxic sewage waste and surrounding waste water from your home or worksite safely and properly.

What is Considered Sewage?

Sewage is any wastewater or solids that is disposed through the sewer lines of your home or work property.

Most of wastewater inside the sewer lines comes from bathtub’s, kitchen sinks, showers and toilets. Most of the time sewage goes directly into separate treatment centers but some homes have septic tanks which collect the raw sewage and have to be emptied out once full.

Sewage has a very nauseating odor and contains many contaminants and can be very harmful if not handled properly.

Steps to take after a sewage leakage or spill

Step 1 : Stay away from the contaminated area

Step 2 : Call San Jose Restoration for a complete site evaluation and quote for clean-up and restoration

Step 3 : Take large precaution that your eyes and skin do not touch any of the raw sewage from the area to avoid bacteria contamination.

Step 4 : Do not drink any of the water from kitchen sinks or refrigerators until the sewage and water system lines have been completely cleaned professionally.

Step 5 : Dispose of all carpet, rugs or any other porous material that came in contact with any of the waste water or sewage during the leakage.

Step 6 : Do not use your sewage system until we have completely treated the sewer lines and fixed the leak including dishwashers, wash machines, kitchen sinks or showers.

Preventing Sewage Leaks And Overflows

Septic system restoration and sewer removal are a costly expense and often times can have been prevented with a little routine maintenance. Most neglected sewer systems are results because no one knows but they aren’t working until it’s too late.

Having routine monthly maintenance checks performed on your septic tank and system is recommended to avoid costly expenses down the road. San Jose Restorations and Sewage Removal can make sure that your septic tank is fully operational and handle any needed maintenance.

If you happen to spot a leak on your septic system make sure you call a professional sewage removal company like San Jose Restorations immediately for assistance.

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